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Integral Economics

Order this special issue of goMagazin for you and your friends. It gets back to the core of economics and brings hope for tomorrows challenges.

From Moses to the Middle Ages, Economics was not about making money. The question was rather: How can we live together well? In this special issue of goMagazin, we try to rediscover ancient wisdom by thinking ‘integrally’ – together with experts of the Center for Faith and Society at the University of Fribourg and international thought leaders such as economist Tomáš Sedláček and forest maker Tony Rinaudo.

What's in it for you

Get a holistic and integral view of our economy with this issue of goMagazin. Read the following stories and interviews:

Tomáš Sedláček: Stories are as important as figures

Wouter Droppers: Please, will you just slow down!

Christine Schliesser & Adrian Pust: Rethinking our economy for the benefit of all

Tony Rinaudo: Hidden power in tree roots

Michel Brunner: Precious woods in Europe

Carmody Grey: Is our system reaching its limits?

Luigino Bruni: Do companies copy churches?

Albert David: Fighting for minorities in Pakistan

Rebecca Kazav: How sustainable is Denim?

Thorsten Hens: The psychology of investing

Valentina Rotondi: Parents are better workers

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